Do you love nature?
Does photography art speak to you?
Do you enjoy exploring the great outdoors?



If so,  you are in the right place! Please come in and check out my fine art photography gallery. I hope my photography connects and resonate with you. I also encourage you to reach out to me with any thoughts or questions. To stay connected with me on my latest works and adventures, please subscribe by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Thanks!



I create fine art photography because I care about the world we live in and want to inspire others to appreciate its beauty while also helping to preserve it for our future generations. 



Who is Sarote Tabcum Jr. ?

I was born and raised in NY.  As a young child, I found immense pleasure in photography. This early creative interests along with exploring the great outdoors have stayed with me and have been a driving force behind my creative and business endeavors.  Being an admirer of nature especially around water, I love spending time on the coast.  I visualize concepts in my mind's eye, then carefully plan out my shoots. Often it takes many trips to a location to get the perfect shot. To me, it's all worth it. I love the challenges and adventures experienced from every journey whether or not I get the perfect shot with the ultimate benefit of actually being outside and being one with nature. 


"Life is too short, get out there and go on that outdoor adventure you keep putting off" - Sarote