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COVID-19 / Quarantine 2020

Over the last several weeks, our lives have been changed in so many ways. We are advised to work from home home, schools are closed, we have to wear masks in public, markets are running low on goods like toilet paper, eggs, etc.. It's definitely the first time we've experience something like this. Each day / week, more changes are happening. Just a week ago, all public beaches became off-limits as well as most local parks and playgrounds. Yet, with all the doom and gloom there is some positive points. One is the air is becoming much cleaner throughout the world from factories shutting down, less cars / traffic on the roads, etc... Just in our local neighborhood you can see less trash, etc.. being left on the beaches. The few trails that still are accessible have become more over grown with vegetation. A personal positive for me is spending more time walking, hiking and being outside with my family everyday. No one knows exactly when the world will find a solution to this pandemic but I know for sure that things are forever changed from this. Take it day by day and enjoy the things we normally take for granted.

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