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A time and place to reflect

If you are like me you probably have a very busy schedule everyday juggling between work and family life. We all need time to unwind and its easy just vegetate and consume content on the phone, TV or whatever is at home and call it a night. Many of us do this almost routinely but that is not good for your health. I know you feel so tired at the end of the day but its actually healthier to get outside and soak in some of mother nature.

Don't believe me? Take a look at this article

There have been countless other research into this and yes its true, you will feel better to get outside instead of watching another old TV re run!

For me one of the best therapy is just go to for a stroll on a fishing pier. There are usually benches where you can just sit, read all the while enjoying mother nature. You can also use this time to reflect on your day or just let go and do nothing. Trust me, your body and mind will love you for it.

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