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The Paths We Follow

There is a path that everyone follows. But there is only one path each person shall follow at the start of their life. Some of us know exactly where we are headed while some of us are merely strolling through life. A path may be as clear as the ocean after it has rained, or it may be murky and shrouded by uncertainty and doubt. Some may see the end of the path while others simply cannot.

Our paths are like the ocean: on certain days, a path may possess enough clarity to rival the crystal clear depths of the sapphire blue.

Yet, on other days, the path may be covered by a mesh of unpleasant emotions like seaweed crowding on the ocean’s surface. And like the sand that the ocean continuously sweeps, our paths are always shifting and changing as we speak.

But at the end of the day, sand is still sand no matter how many forms it may take. It is golden and stays at the very bottom of the waves just out of sight, silently existing. At the end of the day, our paths are still intact, even if they didn’t look the same as they did yesterday.

    There is always a path beneath my feet, beneath yours, hers, theirs. We are never lost, because we guide ourselves on a path that could lead to things good or bad.We keep following our paths and we never look back, we only look forward as we carry the heavy memories of our past.

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